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Week 2 Challenge

I hope that you all had fun with last week's challenge, and that you're having an awesome year thus far. To make it ever so slightly more awesome, I bring you a new skull_quiz challenge!

Dorsal View

Palatal View

Click on the photo for a higher resolution image.
The specimen was photographed on a 0.5" (approx. 1.3 cm) grid, for scale.

The answer will be revealed next Sunday! Have fun with the challenge!


Week 1 Challenge: The Answer!

Thanks so much to everyone who stuck around and entered our first challenge! We hope that you had fun.

Our mystery animal this week was a juvenile American Alligator, Alligator mississippiensis.

Baby Alligator

The alligator is native to the southeastern United States, where it inhabits freshwater wetlands of all types, including rivers, marshes, swamps, streams, ponds (and swimming pools). Alligators are well adapted to the semi-temperate climate that characterizes their habitat; they are the most cold-tolerant crocodilians in the world; they will brumate in burrows during cold winters, and, unlike any other crocodilian, alligators can tolerate freezing and near-freezing temperatures for a short time. Like all other crocodilians, alligators are good parents; female alligators construct temperature-controlled nests for their young, and guard their hatchlings from predators for up to a year. These animals are long-lived; in the wild, they live between thirty-five and fifty years, while the oldest captive alligator died at seventy-two.

A breakdown of how we identified this skull can be found behind the cut.

How to identify an alligatorCollapse )

Congratulations to the following people who correctly identified the skull to order (Crocodilia):
end_of_the_mind and alazor!

Further congrats to those who successfully got it down to family (Alligatoridae):
fauxpawroo, mokele and acinom19

And finally, a shout out to the truly awesome shouganai, who correctly identified our mystery skull to species!

Next week's challenge will be posted pronto.

One Day Left!

Hello, skull_quizzers!

This is just a reminder that the solution to our first ID challenge will be going up tomorrow. There's still time to make your guesses, though, so Enter the Week 1 challenge here.

I'll see you all tomorrow with the answer.


I caved

Membership to the community is now open, since that seems to be restricting people's ability to effectively participate. Posting is still closed to everyone except moderators.

I hope that this makes things a little easier!


Week 1 Challenge

Hello, everyone, and welcome to skull_quiz. To kick off your January, we'll start with this little guy!

Click on the photo for a higher resolution image.
The specimen was photographed on a 0.5" (approx. 1.3 cm) grid, for scale.

The answer will be revealed on Sunday evening. Have fun, and I hope you stick around!

Please check out the guidelines on the Community Information Page before joining -- some people have been having minor issues, which are addressed over there. :)

++ Comments are now closed. The solution to this challenge has been posted here. ++

Featured Creatures

This is the (soon-to-be) super-long list of everything we've posted on the community so far. Organized by group and then alphabetically. (Fossil vertebrates are indexed as fossils, rather than by their biological group.)

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Moderator Contact Post

We live to serve. Please let us know what's going on, and we'll do our best to sort things out.


Things you can post about here:

+ disputes about skull IDs
+ totally awesome ideas you'd like to share with us
+ photos you want to post to the group
+ complaints and praise
+ anything else that might require some moderator attention

Or, feel free to email us at skullquiz@gmail.com.